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Liza Harvey

Photo of Liza Harvey

Graduate Diploma in Radio, 2016

Liza Harvey lives, breathes, and eats broadcasting for breakfast. She’s worked and volunteered across the ABC, commercial, and community stations for over a decade. After wrapping up the Graduate Diploma in Radio in 2016, Liza was swept up into the triple j family, and landed her dream job producing Zan Rowe on Double J Mornings.

Her love for radio lies in its fluidity – it’s ability to respond, change and develop. This makes it the perfect environment to nurture new Australian artists, and share the stories and moments that connect us. Liza has found the perfect home at Double J, allowing her to marry her passion for radio with her love for music.

When she’s not holed away in an editing studio, you might also find Liza in the wild, making field recordings in Australia’s unique forests.