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Madeleine Hetherton-Miau

Master of Arts (Film & Television) Documentary, 2003

Madeleine Hetherton-Miau is a director and producer of documentary films and series that have been broadcast by National Geographic, Netflix, BBC, Discovery, Hulu, SBS, Al Jazeera and the ABC.

Madeleine worked as a field producer on series such as Poker Star and Bondi Rescue (created by fellow graduate Ben Davies) before co-founding production company Media Stockade with classmate Rebecca Barry in 2012. The company’s work includes the eight-part series The Surgery Ship for National Geographic Channel, the true-crime series Debi Marshall Investigates for Foxtel and the Back to Nature series for the ABC.

Madeleine’s directing credits include Love in Our Own Time and The Day We Saved the Zoo. She has also produced documentaries such as Call Me Dad, The Opposition and China Love in addition to driving Media Stockade’s expansion into new formats.



I studied Documentary Directing and it was a fantastic time of exploration, learning and meeting other like-minded film creatives—many of whom I have continued to work with throughout my career.


Making a series of documentaries for National Geographic and SBS set in West Africa on an extraordinary hospital ship that roams from port to port offering life-changing surgery and support. Making The Surgery Ship was incredibly challenging—creatively, ethically and technically—while also a fascinating and absorbing experience. It has changed my life too! Co-founding my production company Media Stockade alongside my business partner Rebecca Barry has been another highlight. We are turning 10 in early 2022, so that’s been an incredible ride.