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Thomas Scott

Graduate Certificate - Editing, 2016

Tom Scott is a producer, director and editor with a love for the internet, comedy, video games, and passion for telling people’s stories. He completed a Graduate Certificate in Editing Drama at AFTRS, after studying a Bachelor of Digital Arts at the Australian National University. He then began his career working as an assistant editor on Growing Up Gracefully and Making Muriel, followed by his appointment as an editor on The Checkout.

Tom then spent some time in the world of social media, first as Social Producer on Sunrise, and then as News Curation Editor at BuzzFeed News. Here, he led and managed the social pages for these news-focused accounts, building on his strong interest in the world.

In 2019, Tom took on a new role as Video Producer at BuzzFeed Australia — focusing on fun, light entertainment videos, and growing local digital communities, all the while establishing himself as video talent. Since his appointment, Tom has focused heavily on building new video series and formats, including “Aussies Try Each Other’s Food”, which has grown to 52 videos and counting, “Aussies Rank” with 32 videos and counting, and “Chefs Try Each Other’s Dishes” with over 10 million views across Facebook and YouTube.

Tom also has a passion for celebrating and highlighting diverse cultures around Australia on BuzzFeed. He has created videos about identity, culture and food with Pacific Islanders, Māori and First Nation Australians. Some highlights include “Never Have I Ever: Samoan Edition” which asked revealing questions about being Samoan, highlighting unique and unknown elements of the culture and identity in a fun, hilarious video. Other videos have shone a spotlight on First Nations foods which are out of sight for most people, such as “Aussies Try Māori Snacks” and “First Nations Australians Swap Mob Feeds”.



Following weeks of intensive editing on the short films for our courses, the entire crew of directors, editors, cinematographers, composers and everyone involved on the projects went to the pub celebrate the completion of our projects. The feeling amongst our cohort having reached the ‘summit’ was a moment I won’t forget.




Despite mostly creating videos for the internet where one clip can grab millions of views, my career highlight is working on the TV series The Checkout. Working on television is something I dreamed of, but didn’t think was a realistic possibility, so I always look upon that time fondly.