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Congratulations to a number of our Advanced Diploma in Script Editing students have found success across the country.

Renee Broome, who also completed the Advanced Diploma Screenwriting: Series Television in 2016, will be joining the Home and Away Script Department.

Victoria-based dramaturg John Kachoyan’s is developing the TV comedy series, Last Gasp, with his partner, screenwriter Lou Sanz, which has been inducted into the AWG Pathways Showcase. Rebecca Drinkwater is executive producer for The Butterfly Tree which was nominated for the 2017 AACTA Best Original Screenplay award. Lauren Hayward will be joining a story development room with Cheeky Media in Sydney.

ACT-based Erin Bingham is running screenwriting workshops in Canberra, and NT-based writer Phil Denson now has several projects in development in the US and has been working as a professional script editor on various feature films. His feature film, Lucid, is now in production.