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Hattie Archibald's Gut Feeling is Bound for Toronto and Melbourne WebFests

’Gut Feeling‘ | Dir. Hattie Archibald

Gut Feeling, a new web series directed, created and produced by AFTRS alumna Hattie Archibald (Master of Arts Screen, 2018; Graduate Certificate in Directing Fundamentals, 2013) has been selected for both Toronto WebFest, where it will have its world premiere, and Melbourne WebFest for the Australian debut.

These are breakthrough festival selections for the comedy/drama, which was filmed in Sydney in 2018 as Archibald’s final Master of Screen Arts project.

With three 12-minute episodes and a pilot for a bigger series, Gut Feeling stars writer/lead actor Bridie Connell, who is nominated for Best Lead Performance at Toronto WebFest for her performance in the series. It also stars a line-up of local talent including Jeannette Cronin, Alex Lee, Greta Lee Jackson, Liam Seymour and Sussie Youssef.

“We are beyond excited to have been selected for these two excellent web series festivals. Gut Feeling is the product of a lot of love, and I think that is coming through on screen,” said Archibald of the back-to-back festival selections.

“I am enormously grateful to AFTRS for all their support through the new Masters program, and to all the industry professionals who were willing to get behind a student project, including our series writer and lead actor Bridie Connell, and Emily Bull, our stellar producer of HelloFuture.tv. And, a special thanks must go to Spectrum Films for all their support with post-production.”

The comedy/drama series is set around the eastern beaches of Sydney about the relationship between a woman and her intuition personified.

Liv, a 28-year-old advertising creative, is happy enough with her boyfriend Luke until one fateful evening when she is knocked unconscious at a surf club. When Liv wakes up, she can hear a voice coming from her gut who calls herself Uta and explains that she is Liv’s intuition. After getting over the initial excitement that Liv can now actually hear her, Uta tries to persuade Liv that Luke isn’t the right guy for her, but Liv doesn’t want to hear a word of it. Gut Feeling is a series about learning how – and when – to trust your gut.

Find out more about Gut Feeling and stay tuned for more announcements.

Behind the scenes: Director Hattie Archibald with fellow MA Screen student 1st AD Shannon Ashlyn | Photo: David Collins Photography


Director/creator/producer: Hattie Archibald
Writer/lead actor: Bridie Connell
Producer: Emily Bull
Production designer: Mathilda Robba
Director of photography: Toby Petch
Composer: Mark Douglas Williams
Starring: Jeannette Cronin, Alex Lee, Greta Lee Jackson, Liam Seymour and Sussie Youssef