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AFTRS Alumni at Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival

Still from ‘All Good Things’ | Dir. Simon Croker

Some of AFTRS’ very own are about to have their work showcased at Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival as part of the bumper 2020 edition.

The 27th edition will feature several works by alumni across features, shorts and the festival’s emerging filmmaker prize.

After an AACTA nomination, standing ovations, rave reviews, and most recently an appearance at Palm Springs Film Festival, Samuel Van Grinsven’s (MA, 2018) Sequin in a Blue Room continues its festival run with a hometown screening at the festival.


Unsound, a feature directed by Ian Watson, AFTRS directing short course tutor, produced by Tsu Shan Chambers (Graduate Certificate Screen: Creative Producing, 2018) and edited by Scott Walmsley (Master of Arts: Film & Television, 2008) has also been selected to screen.

Works by alumni make up six of the 10 films in contention for the My Queer Career short film prize for emerging filmmakers.

Simon Croker’s All Good Things, Jamieson Pearce’s Strangers, Christopher Cosgrove’s Boldly Go, Logan Mucha’s We’re All in this Together and Thomas Wilson-White’s St. Augustine have all been selected as finalists. They will screen at the festival’s My Queer Career event and are in the running to win various prizes, including entry into the Iris Prize Film Festival.

Congratulations to all alumni who will have work screening at the festival.

Tickets are available now here.



Director: Ian Watson (Graduate Certificate Screen: Creative Producing, 2018)
Producer: Tsu Shan Chambers (Graduate Certificate Screen: Creative Producing, 2018)
Editor: Scott Walmsley (Master of Arts: Film & Television, 2008)
Cinematographer – Kent Marcus (Graduate Diploma of Cinematography, 2013)
Co-Producer/Assistant Editor/Data Wrangler – Brian Chambers (Diploma of Editing, 2018)
2nd AD – Hannah-Florence Macgregor (Advance Diploma in Producing, 2016)

Sequin in a Blue Room
Director, Screenwriter: Samuel Van Grinsven (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)
Screenwriter: Jory Anast
First assistant director: Stephanie Stretton
Producers: Sophie Hattch (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017), Linus Gibson (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)
Cinematographer: Jay Grant (Graduate Certificate in Cinematography Fundamentals, 2014)
2nd unit DP/1st AC: Carina Burke (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2017)
Editor: Tim Guthrie (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)
Composer: Brent Williams (Master of Arts Screen, 2016)
Costume designer: William Tran (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)


All Good Things
Director/writer: Simon Croker (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018; Foundation Diploma, 2014)
Producer: Linus Gibson (Bachelor of Arts Screen, 2017)
Cinematographer: Lucca Barone-Peters (Bachelor of Arts Screen 2017)
Editor: William Tran (Graduate Certificate Screen: Editing, 2018; Bachelor of Arts Screen, 2017)

Writer/director: Jamieson Pearce (Graduate Diploma in Directing, 2014)
Producer: Cyna Strachan (Graduate Diploma in Producing, 2014)
Producer: Liam Heyen (Graduate Diploma in Producing, 2014)

Kids on Fire (Dir. Tommy Hart)
Producer: Olivia Fay (Foundation Diploma, 2012)

Boldly Go
Director/writer/producer: Christopher Cosgrove (Graduate Certificate Screen: Directing 2018)
Music: Jenna Pratt (Graduate Certificate Screen: Music, 2018)
Cinematography: James Anderson (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2018)
Editor: Sam Grammer (Graduate Certificate Screen: Editing, 2018)
Assistant director: Rosanna Scarcella (Graduate Certificate Screen, 2018)
Assistant art director: Micha Bartlett (Graduate Certificate Screen: Directing, 2018)
Assistant camera: Camille Baldassari (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2018; Diploma in Camera, 2017)
Script supervisor: Charlton Lansley (Grad cert screen: Directing, 2018)
Production assistant: Susannah Wolff (Grad Cert Screen: Creative Producing, 2018)

We’re All In This Together
Director: Logan Mucha (Graduate Diploma in Documentary, 2012)
Music: Adam Moses (Graduate Diploma in Screen Music, 2012)
Camera operator: Nick Forster (Graduate Certificate in Cinematography Fundamentals, 2013)

St. Augustine
Director/writer: Thomas Wilson-White (Master of Screen Arts, 2017; Graduate Diploma in Directing, 2014)
Cinematographer: Daniel Bolt (Graduate Certificate in Cinematography Fundamentals, 2011)
Editor: Danielle Boesenberg (Graduate Diploma: Editing, 2010)
Boom operator: Gareth Evans (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2012)
Assistant camera: Sid Tinney (Bachelor of Arts Screen, 2017)