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Coming in Hot: New Trailer For Adam Boys’ Slasher ‘Brunch Shift Massacre’

Still from ‘Brunch Shift Massacre’ | Dir. Adam Boys

Today’s special is a fresh new trailer for Brunch Shift Massacre, a short written/directed by and starring 2018 Bachelor of Arts Screen graduate Adam Boys.

Made as part of his studies at AFTRS with a crew of fellow alumni, the horror/comedy short tells the story of a waiter who struggles to get out of bed and to work every morning and his experiences with a typical brunch shift. When the horrors of the shift become too much to handle, it builds to a violent and powerful cataclysm.

Adam Boys worked on the film alongside producer Tim Graham (BA, 2018), cinematographer Roger Stonehouse (BA, 2019), production designer Oliver Levi Malouf (BA, 2018).

Behind the scenes of ‘Brunch Shift Massacre’ | Dir. Adam Boys | Photo: Sebastian Maule

Brunch Shift Massacre premiered at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival last year and continued a fierce run on the circuit, winning Best Student Film at 2019 MonsterFest, Best Ozploit! at Sydney Underground Film Festival. It later appeared at Rhode Island International Film Festival in the US.

The short’s latest selections include 2020 festivals DROP Russian International Horror Film Festival and Awards, HorrorHound Film Festival, US, Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival and Fantaspoa, Brazil.

In anticipation of the film’s premiere on the AFTRS YouTube channel at 6pm on Thursday 16 April, we’re serving a sample. Take a bite of  the Brunch Shift Massacre trailer below and set a reminder for the premiere.

Bon appetit.



Director/writer/actor: Adam Boys (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Producer: Tim Graham (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Cinematographer: Roger Stonehouse (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2019)
Sound supervisor: Nathaniel Watkins
Sound recordist: Lara Cross
Editor: David Devjak
Production designer: Oliver Levi Malouf (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Digital effects: David Devjak, Chris Downey
Practical effects: Gabriel Medina-Blackman(Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018)
Production company: Australian Film Television and Radio School