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The AFTRS Alumni Films to See at Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Still from ‘Hook Up’ | Dir. Laura Nagy

A whopping twelve films by AFTRS students and alumni will screen at Melbourne Queer Film Festival, which is running from 12-23 March.


Unsound (Melbourne premiere)
Director: Ian Watson (Graduate Certificate Screen: Creative Producing, 2018)
Producer: Tsu Shan Chambers (Graduate Certificate Screen: Creative Producing, 2018)
Editor: Scott Walmsley (Master of Arts: Film & Television, 2008)
Cinematographer – Kent Marcus (Graduate Diploma of Cinematography, 2013)
Co-Producer/Assistant Editor/Data Wrangler – Brian Chambers (Diploma of Editing, 2018)
Second AD – Hannah-Florence Macgregor (Advance Diploma in Producing, 2016)

Sequin in a Blue Room
Director, Screenwriter: Samuel Van Grinsven (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)
Producers: Sophie Hattch (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017), Linus Gibson (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)
Cinematographer: Jay Grant (Graduate Certificate in Cinematography Fundamentals, 2014)
2nd unit DP/1st AC: Carina Burke (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2017)
Editor: Tim Guthrie (Master of Arts Screen, 2018)
Composer: Brent Williams (Master of Arts Screen, 2016)
Costume designer: William Tran (Bachelor of Arts (Screen), 2017)

Still from ‘Sequin in a Blue Room’ | Dir. Samuel Van Grinsven | Photo by Nicholas Gascoine


Boldly Go
Director/writer/producer: Christopher Cosgrove (Graduate Certificate Screen: Directing 2018)
Music: Jenna Pratt (Graduate Certificate Screen: Music, 2018)
Cinematography: James Anderson (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2018)
Editor: Sam Grammer (Graduate Certificate Screen: Editing)
Assistant Director: Rosanna Scarcella (Graduate Certificate Screen, 2018)
Assistant Art Director: Micha Bartlett (Graduate Certificate Screen: Directing, 2018)
Assistant camera: Camille Baldassari (Graduate Certificate Screen: Cinematography, 2018; Dipoma in Camera, 2017)
Script supervisor: Charlton Lansley (Grad cert screen: Directing, 2018)
Production Assistant: Susannah Wolff (Grad Cert Screen: Creative Producing, 2018)

Also playing in Mixtape Shorts, the festival’s short film highlights screening.

Pretty Boy
Sound Department: Stephen Hope, Conversion course, 1994); Former AFTRS Head of Sound Workshop
BA, 1979


Writer/director: Jamieson Pearce (Graduate Diploma in Directing, 2014)
Producer: Cyna Strachan (Graduate Diploma in Producing, 2014)
Producer: Liam Heyen (Graduate Diploma in Producing, 2014)

Kids on Fire (Dir. Tommy Hart)
Producer: Olivia Fay (Foundation Diploma, 2012)

Still from ‘Unsound’ | Dir. Ian Watson

Hook Up
Laura Nagy (Foundation Diploma, 2010)

Black Lips
Director/writer: Adrian Chiarella (Graduate Diploma Screenwriting, 2012)
Music: David Barber (Graduate Diploma: Screen Music, 2009)
Cine: James Brown (Graduate dip cinematography, 2009)
Editor Danielle Boesenberg (Graduate Diploma editing, 2010)
Production Design: Michael Price Graduate diploma Production design, 2012)
Costume Design: Olivia Simpson (Graduate Diploma in Costume Design, 2013)
Sound Designer: Lana Kristensen (Graduate Diploma: Sound, 2014)


All Good Things
Director/writer: Simon Croker (Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, 2018; Foundation Diploma, 2014)
Producer: Linus Gibson (Bachelor of Arts Screen, 2017)
Cinematographer: Lucca Barone-Peters (Bachelor of Arts Screen 2017)
Editor: William Tran (Graduate Certificate Screen: Editing, 2018; Bachelor of Arts Screen, 2017)

Still from ‘All Good Things’ | Dir. Simon Croker


Bender (Dir. Alex Cardy)
Sound design: Lachlan Harris (Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2012)


Alone Out Here (Dir. Cadance Bell; Kelli Jean Drinkwater)
Co-Producer: Milena Romanin (Graduate Diploma: Producing, 2010)

Belonging (Dir. Matt Scholten)
Co-producer: Dena Curtis (Grad Dip, Film & TV Editing, 2002)

See the full program at mqff.com.au.