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The Master of Arts Screen: Business is Now Open for Mid-year Applications

Behind the scenes of ‘Three Skilly Monkeys‘ | Image: Monique Placko

The Master of Arts Screen: Business (MASB) program is now open for mid-year applications, offering an exciting opportunity for screen professionals to accelerate their careers in the Australian screen industry. With a focus on entrepreneurial business skills, technology, innovation, and international screen business opportunities, the MASB has been successfully empowering screen leaders for over a decade.

The Australian screen industry is currently experiencing a vibrant and dynamic period of growth and change. More than ever, it engages globally, driven not just by the entry of new market players, such as the Streamers, but also by advances in technology that effectively shrink the screen media world. The MASB is designed to address this need by providing a comprehensive program that combines lectures, targeted mentoring, workshops, and self-directed learning in a block format.

One of the key focuses of the program is on technology and innovation, which allows participants to stay abreast of the latest trends and opportunities in the industry. As Peter Herbert, AFTRS’ Head of Screen Business, explained to Arts Hub, “We focus quite strongly on technology and innovation in the course as an important way of keeping pace with the rest of the world and also finding new business opportunities. And in that, we have been very successful. With people who studied a piece of new technology and then explored direct business opportunities, among them Virtual Production, VR and Virtual Design.” As Paul Weigard, an MASB alumnus, described to Variety, “we can’t just be working in our own little silo when all these industries are completely interconnected.” This interconnectedness and the rapid pace of technological advancements require screen professionals to possess not only creative skills but also strong business acumen to navigate the evolving landscape.

The MASB places a strong emphasis on conducting primary research and delivering key findings and reports, as well as developing high-level presentation skills. This enables participants to present their business proposals to industry panels and representatives, both domestically and internationally. This practical approach to learning ensures that graduates of the MASB are equipped with the necessary skills to make strategic business decisions and drive innovation in the screen industry.

The MASB also travels, virtually, and in the real. The global perspective is essential and there are a range of electives focussing on the international markets from business and finance perspectives and market trends. Peter Herbert again, ‘For over the last six years, we have engaged with Asia – Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand – seeking out opportunities in this exciting region.” Rodrigo Vidal Dawson described 2022 as an ‘an amazing experience’ and Sarah Price from Darwin said, ‘I can honestly say I have never before worked within a team that worked so well together, especially in such a high-pressure context… I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity and privilege to have had this experience. It was a most fitting and wonderful end to 2 years in the MASB course at AFTRS.’

The Master of Arts Screen Business program offers an exciting and comprehensive opportunity for screen professionals to accelerate their careers domestically and internationally. It equips participants with the tools and knowledge to make strategic business decisions, conduct primary research, and pitch fully developed proposals to industry. Join the next generation of screen leaders by applying for the MASB and be part of the energizing and dynamic landscape of the Australian screen business.

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