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30 Years of Show Radio: AFTRS Students Shine at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The 2024 Show Radio team from AFTRS standing in a broadcast studio
Kyle Bachner | Maggie Videan | Keeley Davies | Lindsey Chapman | Ella Carter | Britt Rourke | Myoung-Jae Yi | T Michaelides

Show Radio, the annual broadcast by the AFTRS, proudly marks its 30th anniversary as their radio and podcasting students gear up for an electrifying presence at the Sydney Royal Easter Show from March 22nd to April 2nd. Show Radio will stream live on iHeartRadio, offering listeners a captivating blend of entertainment, information, and celebration. 

Since 1994, Show Radio has been an essential part of the learning journey for AFTRS’ Radio students. Across three decades, this broadcast has transformed into a dynamic rite-of-passage, sharpening technical abilities while promoting teamwork and encouraging students to practise various industry roles in a live environment. 

This year, AFTRS’ Radio and Podcasting students will immerse themselves in a 12-day live broadcast from the Sydney Royal Easter Show, bringing audiences closer to the heart of the event. From producing live programs to capturing the essence of the Show through social media stories and promos, students will hone their skills and showcase their talent. 

Highlighting the Royal Agricultural Society’s longstanding commitment to supporting local communities, Show Radio will spotlight the essential role of farmers and primary producers in sustaining our food supply. Through interviews with Show winners, performers, and representatives of various clubs and societies, listeners will gain insight into the rich heritage of this annual event. 

“Our 30th anniversary is not just a milestone; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of Show Radio and the invaluable learning opportunities it provides,” said Andrea Ho, Discipline Lead for Radio and Podcasting at AFTRS. “This year, as we celebrate three decades of Show Radio, we reaffirm our commitment to equipping students with real industry skills, fostering creativity, and nurturing a collaborative learning environment.” 

Show Radio also serves as a pillar of success for the AFTRS’ Graduate Diploma of Radio and Podcasting program, which has a 100% employment rate for its graduates. With a curriculum centred on hands-on learning, exposure to industry contacts, and a focus on collaborative projects, the GDRP offers aspiring audio makers a pathway to success in the dynamic world of radio and podcasting. 

For more information about Show Radio and AFTRS’ Graduate Diploma of Radio and Podcasting, visit Show Radio.

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Friday 22 March to
Friday April 2