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Kim Batterham ACS

Head of Cinematography

Kim Batterham ACS has been a director of photography for over 30 years. Kim has shot widely across many formats including mini-series, features, independent dramas and documentary, forging deep long-lasting relationships with directors.

Known for his passion and innovation, highlights from his work include the series First Australians, 2nd unit DP on Master and Commander, the feature One Night the Moon and many others.

He has been recognised for the high standard of his work by his many awards, which include Cinematographer of the Year 2000, AFI for Best Cinematography in 2001 and the ACS Lifetime Membership Award in 2021. In 2009 he received recognition for his portrait photographic work as a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait prize.

In 2010 Kim took on the role of Head of cinematography at AFTRS, where he has energetically fostered the exciting work of his many students.

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