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Nadia Townsend


Nadia Townsend is a dramaturg and acting coach with a unique approach to rehearsals for film and television productions. Her practical process and philosophy have been developed and finessed over her 20+ year career in the industry.

Nadia’s early career as an actor had a huge influence on her approach to dramaturgy. Her experiences gave her the drive to find a common language and a way to rehearse under the time constraints of a production – as well as find a deeper connection to the material, whilst developing a stronger ensemble.

She has applied that learning over the last 15 years to become the leading dramaturg for screen in Australia. She now specialises in designing and facilitating rehearsals for productions.

Nadia has worked for every major Australian television network, as well as HBO, Marvel and Warner Brothers – including celebrated directors George Miller, Taika Waititi, Margaret Betts and Abe Forsythe.

Nadia began her studies at the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York and returned home to set up an independent theatre company, which had several incarnations, performing in and producing numerous shows across Sydney and Melbourne. Nadia learnt her craft on the job. Nadia’s screen credits as an actor include Knowing, City Homicide, Fireflies, Headstart, and Rush. She’s trained with Joan Scheckel, Ivana Chubbuck, Ellen Burstyn and Larry Moss. Done residencies at Roy Hart Centre Artistique International and Pan Theatre in France. As well as a postgraduate degree in theatre directing at the VCA.

Nadia regularly works with ensemble casts and seasoned actors, with a specialisation in working with minors and actors with limited experience. Past work as a dramaturg/coach includes; Thor: Love and Thunder, Mad Max Fury Road, Hardball, The PM’s Daughter, GoKarts, Rake, Secret Daughter, BlueMurder: Cop Killer, Brock, Soulmates, Lunacy – a Dan Askill project and Ready for This.

For more information go to www.nadiatownsend.com.