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Rebecca Edwards


Rebecca Edwards is a highly experienced online editor and colourist, and an Avid Certified Instructor (ACI). She has credits on some of the industry’s biggest and fastest turnaround TV formats for the Australian, UK and USA markets. Rebecca has worked in a diverse range of genres including reality TV, children’s TV, and documentary, making shows about a wide range of subjects from cooking to losing weight, and from serial killers to drunken monkeys. The location highlight of her career to date was when she worked on a fully-catered TV show in the Costa Rican jungle.

In addition to television, she has credits on various short films including a screening at Cannes. Rebecca has a Graduate Diploma in TV Editing from AFTRS, a Graduate Diploma in Media Arts from UTS, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Goldsmiths College (UK) and a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Exeter University (UK). She is an Avid Certified Instructor and has been teaching assistant editor and Avid Courses at AFTRS for several years.