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Tom Armstrong


Photo of Tom Armstrong.

Tom is a highly experienced Senior Producer, Shooter and Director with a passion for factual and creative story-telling. His television career spans over 14 years, working in small crews, as a multi-skilled ‘one-man-band’ and leading large production teams.

He has worked across genres including Reality, Lifestyle and Observational Documentary – his long and diverse list of credits include Kings Cross ER, Coast Australia, This Time Next Year, River Cottage Australia and the AACTA nominated Documentary Series Taking on the Chocolate Frog. Tom thrives on the opportunity to connect with a broad range of people and feels privileged to tell their unique stories – from the inspiring patients and staff in the King’s Cross Emergency Room to hardened prisoners hoping to carve a new path.

During his career Tom has filmed and been a part of many challenging but life-altering moments including – cutting edge brain surgery, dangerous ocean rescues, high speed police chases and the birth of new born babies. He has also filmed obedience training for naughty dogs, celebrities learning to dance and mismatched couples eating hot dogs on a first date…