a selection fo covers of the LUMINA journal LUMINA is the School's self published journal of Australian screen arts and business, dedicated to sharing the discourse.
Published by AFTRS, LUMINA is dedicated to encouraging challenging discourse on the issues most significant to the Australian Screen arts and broadcast sector.

Reflecting the breadth of contemporary thinking - be that on the specialist crafts of filmmaking, genres, or methodologies for making feature films in Australia - LUMINA is committed to publishing serious discussion of subjects interviews essays and reflections from leading thinkers and practitioners that have resonance for the Australian screen arts and broadcast sector.

"Just wanted to say that I have read Lumina from cover to cover
and loved it, as a producer I thought it was extremely informative,
how do I get the next issue?"

Brendan, via email

"lumina looks awesome!!!"
Elliot, via email

"Nearly finished reading issue one which I got the other day - great publication!"
Justin, via email

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