Brent Griffin: Top Tips for Making a Music Video

Brent Griffin Brent Griffin

Brent Griffin, aka SPOD​ (Art vs Science, The Vines, Dan Kelly, The Laurels) gave us his top tips for making a music video.


1. Know the song and the band 

Understanding the song inside and out helps reveal ideas and timing choices throughout the creation of the idea down to the edit. Listen for hooks to open up avenues for new opportunities for interesting ideas. Also, it seems obvious, but make sure you know what the band will and won't be up for. Are they open to a clip that is contrary to their image? Do they want something to match their artwork for their new record? Do they not care and just want something 'cool'? Understanding where the band are coming from lets you assess how much room you have for your ideas.


2. Know your limits

If you're great at ideas and bad at shooting, or don't know how to edit, then make sure you play to your strengths. What kind of access to better production do you have? Do you know anyone learning how to edit? Do you have the time to learn how to realise your ideas through trial and error? Are you a control freak who wants to work alone? Knowing how much your willing to pour into a clip to get it done helps you keep your ideas in check and gets you closer to what's in your head.


3. Distill your idea

Let your ideas simmer down till you can find the core of what you want to do, and be able to explain it in a few sentences. It'll make the pitching simpler, and help streamline your track to the finished clip. You can have all the flashy ideas in the world, but if your central hook is no good, the clip won't have a chance.


4. Develop your 'fingerprint'

This is a natural thing, and not something to really think about but it's good to keep in mind. It's great to make reference to artists, movies, other music videos and the world around you, but as you forge forward don't be afraid to follow strange ideas or workflows, because you might be onto something uniquely you. Trying to stay true to what you really want to do and developing your unique style can make you stand out and attract like minded artists, which makes everything easier.


5. Know your budget 

How much money you do or don't have can dictate how much you can do, who you can get to work with or for you, what kind of equipment you get etc. The difference between a non existent and healthy budget can be either huge or irrelevant, depending on what you want to accomplish. Having to compromise on cameras, lighting, styling etc can lead your creative decisions and help avoid problems popping up during the creation of the clip.


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