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Tara Webb

Graduate Diploma in Sound, 2011

Tara Webb is an Australian sound designer and re-recording mixer.

Tara’s passion for sound is in creating subtle and detailed environments which can be attributed to her love of nature.

Since graduating from AFTRS in 2011, she has worked on numerous feature films and documentaries including Hacksaw Ridge, Cargo, Peter Rabbit, Top End Wedding, Judy & Punch, Mortal Kombat, Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra and most recently The Power of the Dog for which she is the first Australian woman to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound.


Definitely the friendships I made and being amongst like-minded people. I still work closely with a few of my classmates. Having access to the amazing facilities like the mix room and recording studios – I took advantage of using them at every opportunity.

And I still clearly remember the times where someone from the sound community would come in to talk about their experience, the industry and show examples of their work which was an invaluable learning experience for me.    



I feel like my whole career post AFTRS has been a highlight. I have had the incredible opportunity to work on some amazing projects with amazing teams and it would be hard to pinpoint one over the other.   




Catch Tara’s sound masterclass at AFTRS here.