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Alumni selected for Screen Australia’s Developing the Developer 2018

Congratulations to Sarah Bassiuoni – graduand from Graduate Certificate in Screen: Directing, 2017 and graduate from Graduate Certificate in Screen:Screenwriting, 2016 – one of the 10 creatives selected to take part in Screen Australia’s Developing the Developer 2018, an intensive workshop aimed at increasing the pool of experts in the field of story development. With a focus on improving access for practitioners from diverse backgrounds, the workshop will cover fiction development methodologies and tools as well as market context.

Sarah brings a decade of experience as a human rights lawyer to her screen career. She is the daughter of an Egyptian Muslim and Irish Catholic and grew up in Saudi Arabia, Australia and the USA. Sarah has worked for UNICEF in the Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati, for Amnesty International and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. In 2016, Sarah transitioned to the screen industry with her short film Dunes premiering at the Gold Coast Film Festival. She works as a researcher and note taker for various production companies. Her career aim is to tell stories that reflect the reality of life with all its diversity, troubles and hilarity.

Congratulations to AFTRS lecturers Matthew Dabnerand Megan Simpson Huberman for their part in preparing Sarah to consolidate the transition in her career from a human rights lawyer into the screen and broadcast industry.

Find out more: screenaustralia.gov.au

Image: Recipients of Screen Australia’s Developing the Developer 2018. Top row: Sarah Bassiuoni, Leticia Caceres, Li-Kim Chuah, Anna Dadic and John Harvey. Second row: Hiroki Kobayashi, Dan Prichard, Amy Stewart, Vidya Thiagarajan and Jean Tong.