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AFTRS launches NEXT

Photo of Grant Maling, NEXT Content Director and AFTRS student
Grant Maling, NEXT Content Director

Our Graduate Diploma in Radio students have begun broadcast of their final venture for the year: NEXT. Tune in on iHeartRadio over the next two weeks to hear the next wave of radio announcers, producers, presenters, music presenters, audio producers, and podcast creators.

“NEXT is a great platform for Senior Management to discover new talent on-air, off-air and online. We have a diverse cohort interested in pursuing careers in all aspects of radio including producers, music directors, announcers, audio production and original podcast content.”

– Fyona Smith, AFTRS Head of Radio

Over the past fortnight, industry professionals have shared their knowledge with AFTRS Graduate Diploma of Radio students. Some of the mentors included:

  • 2CH General Manager Cherie Romaro
  • Kyle & Jackie O’s News Reader Brooklyn Ross
  • SBS Senior Music Director Brett Smith
  • Smooth News Reader Glenn Daniel
  • 2DayFM Workday Announcer Ellie Angel
  • 2DayFM Assistant Music Director Kiri Martin
  • 2GB’s Senior Journalist Natalie Peters
  • International award winning The Guardian Podcast Producer Miles Martignoni

“It’s been a real thrill to work with people who are so motivated and excited by the industry! It reminds me of the reason all radio people do the job, because it never actually feels like a job. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the AFTRS crew near the end of their course and can say every student is ready to step right into the workforce. I’ve even suggested one to my boss!”

– Brooklyn Ross, Kyle & Jackie O’s News Reader

NEXT is a contemporary hit and alternative radio station (CHR + ALT) which focuses on music, pop culture and social issues that matter with a target audience is 25- 39 years.

“NEXT has three original content podcasts online and also music features such as Album of the Week plus a No Repeat Workday. I can’t believe how far everyone has come during the past year, NEXT is sounding great and we’re all ready for the next chapter of our lives.”

– Grant Maling, NEXT Content Director and AFTRS student

Listen to NEXT