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Ask Me Anything: Bachelor of Arts Screen with Course Leader Joe Hepworth

AFTRS BA Course Leader Joe Hepworth answers all your burning questions about the Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production.

Applications for the 2020 intake close 18 November. Find out more about the course here.


00:14 – Who is this course for?
00:50 – What is unique about AFTRS?
01:19 – What are you looking for in the ‘Your Story’ section?
02:03 – What are you looking for in the ‘Creative’ piece?
02:43 – What are you looking for in the ‘Review’ section?
03:32 – Do I need an ATAR to apply?
03:42 – How much experience do I need?
04:13 – What makes a good application?
04:36 – Do I need to know how to use a camera?
05:05 – Do I need to have studied something else first?
05:30 – Will I have time to work while I am studying?
05:47 – How many films will I make in three years?
06:29 – How much access do students have to the equipment?
07:13 – Can you choose an elective?
07:49 – What kinds of things will I learn in the course?
08:56 – Is there a minimum age for the course?
09:07 – Do you teach editing in the course?
10:01 – Do you offer scholarships?
10:20 – Are internships part of the course?
10:45 – What kind of job can I get when I graduate?