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Mid-Year Applications Now Open for the Master of Arts Screen: Business

2019 MASB students in Thailand as part of the program's annual business challenge

The Master of Arts Screen: Business (MASB) is open for 2024 mid-year applications. For more than a decade it has accelerated careers and developed graduates into screen leaders and entrepreneurs able to enrich Australian culture, expand the Australian screen media economy, and achieve high-level, sustainable careers in the global screen industry. 

The Australian screen industry is currently experiencing a dynamic period of growth and change. The MASB is designed to prepare students to seize the opportunities this growth provides through a comprehensive program of lectures, targeted mentoring, workshops, and self-directed learning. As 2018 alumna and Head of Commissions NITV Marissa McDowell said in an interview with ArtsHub:  

“Even after graduating, for several years I’ve always leaned back on my Masters as a crutch that’s holding me up to all the things that inspire me, both within and outside of work. The tools that we had learned while studying served us well – they had given us insight into business planning and strategy, looking at where there might be opportunities, managing growth on a global scale, and where the weaknesses are.”

One of the key focuses of the program is innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring students stay up-to-date on the latest trends and are equipped to thrive in the industry of today and tomorrow. Award-winning documentary filmmaker and current MASB student Indrani Kopal said in an interview with FilmInk:  

“What surprised me about the curriculum was the focus on making students into an entrepreneur and a leader, with so many industry leaders coming to chat to us in the classroom. [It’s] so far ahead, so future focused. I feel that they’re preparing me for the next 10 years.” 

Claire Evans (MASB, 2020) saw the program was an opportunity to cement what she has learned over her career with more theoretical research and formal education. Speaking to FilmInk she revealed: 

“[The MASB gave] us tools and frameworks for horizon scanning and looking into the future and asking, ‘what trends do we think are there and how do we identify a gap in the market?’ The course really took me through the process of research, identifying an opportunity, developing an idea that speaks to that opportunity, get feedback on that pitch, refine it, develop it.”  

Claire has since applied her knowledge to Junior Major, a Sydney-based studio producing immersive and interactive media which she co-founded: “we’ve been able to get to a pretty accelerated place because of some the work that was done in the MASB course.” 

The program also places a strong emphasis on technology and analysing the opportunities that arise from its advancement, as well as developing high-level presentation and pitching skills. This ensures that graduates of the MASB are equipped with the necessary skills to make strategic business decisions and drive innovation in the screen industry and enables them to present their business propositions to industry panels and representatives, both domestically and internationally. In addition, the program offers its students the opportunity to travel overseas to do a live business case study and learn directly from screen leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. Last year’s cohort travelled to Singapore and student Sean Cousins reported directly on the business learnings and networking developments.

The Master of Arts Screen: Business offers an exciting and comprehensive opportunity for screen professionals to accelerate their careers in the Australian screen industry. At the same time, the program offers flexible study options, where you can study online or in-person (or combine the two), and choose between 1–4 subjects per semester, maximising accessibility and choice. 

Join the next generation of screen leaders by applying for the MASB and be part of the dynamic landscape of the Australian screen industry. Head to the Master of Arts Screen: Business course page to learn more and apply. Applications are open now until Monday, 3 June 2024.