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Editing with Avid Fundamentals

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Become an Avid Editor

Highly practical course introducing the fundamentals of using Avid Media Composer, getting you up and running in two days. Most suitable for Post Producers or Production personnel who work in the industry but are new to Avid or need a refresher. It can also get you started with the basics.

Understand how media is typically organised in Avid Media Composer in a professional environment

Learn how to confidently play back multi-camera footage and listen to specific audio and view all or specific cameras

See how to create bins and sequences and learn how naming conventions in Avid can enhance communication between the producer and editor

Is Editing with Avid Fundamentals right for you?

This is not a course for those wishing to learn the craft of editing, it is a technical, software-oriented course. It is most appropriate for Post Producers or Production personnel who already work in the industry but are new to Avid and need to learn how to work the tools, or for people who need a refresher. Alternatively if you are not yet working in the industry but are aspiring to work in Post Production, this course can also get you started with the basics, learning from real world examples.


  • How to create and organise folders and bins to house your work
  • Understanding and using the right timecode reference to locate specific footage, or when making notes or communicating with your editor
  • How to create titles and use locators in Avid to create references for yourself, rather than keeping endless paper notes

Meet Your Tutors

Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca Edwards is a highly experienced online editor and colourist, and an Avid Certified Instructor (ACI). She has credits on…

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What you will need

No editing experience necessary for this course. You will be working in a lab-based environment and will be allocated a Mac computer for the course duration, so familiarity with the Mac interface will be an advantage.

Access to the Avid Media Composer software after the course will be an advantage so you can practice your new skills.  More information about the software can be found here.

This course is only open to students aged 18 +.

To find out about future offerings of this course, register your interest. For more information email info@aftrs.edu.au or call 1300 223 877.

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If an attendee wishes to withdraw from a course, they may do so up to 15 days before the course commences and get a full refund. Cancellations 14 days or less before course commencement will incur a fee.

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