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Industry Certificate: Production Management (Scripted)

On the set of ‘Somewhere In Between’ | Dir. Emily Boyard and Elise Cociuban

Become a Production Manager

In this course, delivered over 8 weeks, you will learn knowledge and skills to read and interpret the requirements of a script to create a production schedule and budget. You’ll gain a clear understanding of milestones in production planning and the necessary documentation that must be provided to investors and funding bodies. This course covers scripted TV and film production, is relevant for drama and narrative comedy and is taught by highly experienced Production Manager Lorelle Adamson.

Industry guests include: Production Accountant Sandie Morris, Entertainment Lawyer Nick Cole, Post Supervisor Colleen Clarke, Completion Guarantor Dan Read, Insurance expert Natalie Allen and Michele McDonald from Screen Australia.

Learn how drama projects are produced for Australian and International audiences and the financial models broadly used including television drama for broadcasters, feature film distribution and understanding the producer offset

Discuss the range of approaches and production requirements for a variety of genres, formats and styles of drama television in Australia, and how to identify the unique requirements of a production based on a script

Learn about the production manager’s role and responsibilities and how to apply learned knowledge to create a production plan, schedule and budget and then manage the budget using cost reporting.

Is the Industry Certificate: Production Management (Scripted) right for you?

This is a practice-based course for emerging production managers, including production co-ordinators. It also offers essential knowledge for emerging producers who want to expand their knowledge of film and TV Drama. The course assumes that you have some production knowledge, and are competent using Excel.


This course is relevant for producers and aspiring production managers who wish to work on Scripted productions including short and feature films, TV drama series and narrative comedy. If you are interested in learning production management skills for unscripted broadcast TV – including reality, factual and entertainment programming you should look at our Industry Certificate: Production Management (TV Unscripted).

Shorter relevant courses are the Budgeting Fundamentals course, Intro to Producing and the Screen Business Essentials course.

Meet Your Tutors

Lorelle Adamson

Lorelle Adamson is a highly experienced Production Manager/Line Producer who has been active in the Australian film and TV industry for…

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What you will need

All students will need a laptop with Excel installed for this course. You should also have a good familiarity with Excel before commencing the course. Please contact us if you do not have access to a laptop with Excel before enrolling in the course.

This course commences with a 4 day intensive (Thu-Sun) at AFTRS in Sydney. Then over the subsequent 7 weeks there are 3 weekend workshops. Between these sessions there are weekly online video catch ups on Tuesday evenings which are recorded, and assignment work to complete (in the form of a Production Schedule and Budget).

For the online components of the course you will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with camera, sound and good internet connection for the evening Zoom Video sessions.

We recommend allowing 10 hours per week minimum to do the course work.

This course is eligible for a payment plan.
25% to confirm enrolment in the course
25% due 14 days from beginning of course
25% due by the end of week 2 of the course
25% due by the end of week 4 of the course
Note: If you enrol 14 – 1 day before course commencement, 50% payment will be required to confirm enrolment.

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Important information

AFTRS reserves the right to cancel any course for any reason at any time. In the event of a course being cancelled a full refund of course fees will be provided. If you are planning to travel to attend a course, please confirm with us via email that the course will be proceeding before you make your travel bookings. AFTRS is not liable for any travel costs incurred due to course postponement, cancellation, or any other circumstance.

If an attendee wishes to withdraw from a course, they may do so up to 15 days before the course commences and get a full refund. Cancellations 14 days or less before course commencement will incur a fee.

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For more Information and to get a copy of the course outline email: shortcourses@aftrs.edu.au or phone 1300 223 877.