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TV Pitch Document Essentials

Learn to pitch for TV

Examine the key elements to include in a television, or web series, pitch document to ensure that you dazzle your reader. A powerful pitch doc will help you gain traction, interest and funding for your project, hopefully before you write the pilot script. This course will dissect existing television pitch bibles, as well as arm you with skills to write your own. You’ll learn how to devise a two page pitch document, and a One Sheet.

Taught across one weekend, you’ll learn the skills you need to create a pitch document and you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback and discuss your work with the tutor and the class.

Learn from an industry professional who’s created an original series in the UK, had her original concepts optioned several times, and pitched countless bibles throughout her extensive career.

Learn the essentials to include in a television bible for maximum impact including how to write a logline with impact and a synopsis that compels the reader.

Craft a compelling two page pitch for your original series – with a view to enter this document in competitions or to apply for funding; or to attract talent.

Consider where your project might fit in the current climate

Is the TV Pitch Document Essentials right for you?

Do you have an original series idea, but need help getting it into shape to pitch? Would you like to try to attract interest or funding for your project before committing to writing a pilot script? Are you a screenwriter with great ideas, but not enough Screen Industry business savvy? Then you’ll find this course very useful.

It will also be an appropriate course for producers who are happy to write a bible but not confident to write the script and need to convey their original idea to potential writers.

The course focusses on how to sell your idea on the page. You will learn how to analyse what is required to attract the reader, without overloading with unnecessary detail.

Meet Your Tutors

Holly Lyons

Holly Lyons is a screenwriter with extensive experience in Australia and the UK. She has over 400 hours of broadcast…

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What you will need

You’ll want to set aside some time and brain-power to work on your document on the Saturday evening. All course attendees will be asked to sign an NDA in relation to other students work.

Tv Pitch Document Essentials Offerings


04 Apr 2020 to 05 Apr 2020
Sat - Sun, 9:00am-5:00pm

Early Bird Industry Price:

This price is available to all Australian screen and broadcast practitioners and includes the early bird discount as it currently more than 28 days from commencement of the course.

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This is the standard course price and includes the early bird discount as it currently more than 28 days from commencement of the course.

AFTRS, Building 130, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park NSW 2021

For more information call 1300 131 461, or register for future offerings.

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