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Dom McCusker

Seminar presenter

Dom McCusker is a Social Media Specialist with a broad range of experience across multiple industries. Starting out in the world of corporate marketing, she assisted in the social media management of the four separate brands within the company umbrella, including the posting strategy and campaign management to boost engagement for each.

Leaving the large-scale corporate marketing world in favour of greater creative control and flexibility in content, Dom has been involved with numerous creative ventures and groups over the years, including her current position as sketch comedy group Aunty Donna’s Social Media Manager. In this role, she oversaw and implemented the release strategy for their 2019 series Glennridge Secondary College, as well as currently managing the day-to-day content and campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Patreon, with a focus on strengthening each platform to its peak potential.

Other clients have included web series creators, small-scale company startups and entrepreneurs, and pre-established individuals in their industry who want to get a proper grasp of the social media landscape to leverage their existing following for their next projects.

Dom is a strong believer in authenticity in posting and genuine engagement, but also that utilising each platform based on its best practices can help a message go a long way.