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Dr. Gerald Mair

Discipline Lead, Sound

Dr. Gerald Mair was born and brought up on the west coast of Scotland. In 2004 he relocated to Melbourne in Victoria. As a sound practitioner his career has involved working in sound post-production as a sound editor, designer and mixer on a range of projects from TVC’s to documentary films.

He has composed and produced the soundtracks for two internationally award-winning contemporary dance performances with Lucy Guerin, one of Australia’s leading choreographers. He has also worked on a range of arts projects collaborating with visual artists and has been commissioned to produce the soundtracks for a number of high-profile art installations.

Gerald has been teaching full-time in the higher education sector since 2012. In his former role he developed and run the sound courses within the School of Film and Television at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne and has been senior lecturer in Sound for the BASP since 2017.