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Jane Corden


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Jane Corden is Managing Director of Moneypenny Production Accounting Services, a company specialising in financial solutions for the film, TV and entertainment industry. Moneypenny has offices in Australia, UK, South Africa and New Zealand. Jane has worked side by side with filmmakers since 1983 and has headed up Moneypenny since 1988, evolving the company’s software and service offerings in response to industry needs.

Over the last ten years, Jane has split her time between Australia and the UK building a team of twenty-five people between the two offices to manage the day-to-day running of the operation which provides production accounting, payroll, and producer offset services and supports the world-class production management and accounting solution mydaEs.

While still involved in the strategic development of Moneypenny Jane took time out in 2018 to produce a feature film in Australia -Escape and Evasion.  Jane is also a founder of Dame Changers an organisation promoting gender equality in the Australian industry via international and domestic relationships designed to fast track female-led projects.

Jane is passionate about film and keen to continue to work with creative and committed teams to produce quality content for our screens.