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Kerinne Jenkins

Acting Alumni Program Manager

Kerinne is a Sydney based writer and director with a love of science fiction and immersive mediums. Her work is focused on female characters with a fractured sense of belonging and complex family relationships. Exploring themes around generational trauma, ownership and AI.

A master’s graduate and scholarship recipient from the Australian Film Television and Radio School. She wrote and directed the short film ‘Cattle’, which was selected for the Accelerator Lab, at Melbourne’s International Film Festival before playing festivals around the world. Her award winning experimental short film ‘1919’ was commissioned for the ABC, before playing at numerous festivals including the Bafta qualifying Aesthetica film festival. She has worked with artists Vera Blue, Okenyo, Wafia, Dan Sultan, The Hard Aches and more, along with brands such as Adobe, Amazon Prime, The Fortitude Music Hall and Sydney Theatre Company.

In 2022 she worked with the Powerhouse Museum on their Late event: FILM, curating and contributing to the ‘You Are Not Alone’ installation series. While also working as a curator and co-director with The Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives (CATSINaM) on their national exhibition ‘In Our Own Right’ – Black Australian Nurses’ and Midwives stories.

Kerinne is currently developing a science fiction adaptation of a Dickens classic with British producer Hannah Ireland and a feature film Clone that is looking to shoot in Kalimpong, India in early 2025.