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Customised training

AFTRS brings the School’s world-leading storytelling skills in film, TV and radio to your business through a program of short courses.

AFTRS can bring this expertise to you. Producing consistently successful video content that cuts through a crowded market can be a challenge. To convert awareness into action for your brand you need the help of industry experts.

Customised Training

Drawing on our expertise in film, TV and radio storytelling and understanding of audience, AFTRS can deliver a creative and transformative learning experience for your team or organisation that is aligned with your business objectives, brand or message. Our training team can design a program that encourages new ideas, helping to build teams as well as deliver new skills. Courses are tailored to each organisation’s needs and strategic aims. Both large and small-scale projects are delivered through our extensive network of industry practitioners with expertise in delivering best practice training. AFTRS can train at scale, with experience in training several thousand employees for a single client.

Videomaking and communications toolkit

AFTRS can help you tell better stories. AFTRS corporate training will help to enhance your communication style through a range of programs which include: video content creation, videomaking, presentation skills, media skills and customer engagement. Our training is practical, flexible and intensive, so you can immediately apply your skills in the workplace to develop compelling stories that resonate with your audience.

Become a visual storyteller. Whether you are creating video internally on a daily basis, skilling up your team, managing end-to-end production with third party agencies and content creators, posting to social media to get your message out there, communicating verbally to inspire and influence your stakeholders, or simply wanting to tell better stories, AFTRS training is for you.

Radio techniques for effective communication

AFTRS has delivered innovative and highly successful training to thousands of customer service professionals. Using proven radio industry techniques, AFTRS teaches the art of customer engagement through empathy and storytelling. Participants are encouraged to find their own authentic voice and are taught how to use it with clarity, tone and expression. Our unique training has transformed customer service for the organisations that we have worked with.

To arrange customised courses which are designed for your unique needs, please call (02) 9805 6403 or email paul.hooper@aftrs.edu.au