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Taster: Designing Worlds Workshop

An AFTRS tech store staff member helps an attendee with a camera. The room is lit heavily pink.

08 Sep 2018,
10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

In partnership with Curious Works, AFTRS Designing Worlds hands-on workshop is an opportunity to experience AFTRS’ unique approach to industry-facing, practice-based learning within our Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production and Master of Arts Screen programs.

The workshop is focussed on storyworld. Storyworld is a powerful tool of contemporary screen storytelling that allows a creator to conceive of an imagined world that can generate multiple stories across different platforms.

In this immersive, fast-paced workshop, participants will work together in small groups to create a storyworld to a given brief. Participants will develop their idea through three ‘stations’: design, sound and cinematography. At each station, groups will be asked to create a work that progresses their storyworld idea. The day is all about being bold, testing ideas and new ways of creating.

The workshop is also about getting to know AFTRS faculty and our approach to learning and creating.

The day includes an overview of the Bachelors and Masters programs and a networking lunch where you have the opportunity to speak to AFTRS teaching staff and alumni.

*Lunch provided from 12.15 – 1.15pm

Age restriction: 16+