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Top Tips for Content Creators and Content Teams

Students in a studio set up a camera, ready to shoot a green screen through large window panels.

The last five years have been a wild ride for anyone involved with marketing and communications. The move to content marketing across all touch points has left some teams struggling. More often than not, there are plenty of great ideas for how you and your team might use video, audio, and written content as you reach out to consumers but it’s the mastery of the technical aspects that many teams are struggling with.

Can you create an amazing video in-house? Is it easy to learn the tricks that influencers are using to be so successful on social media? Can you even afford to create the kind of video content that is needed to make our Facebook campaign go viral?

The answer to all three of these questions is yes. And to get you started here are our top tips for content creators.

Video does not have to be expensive

If you are starting out in creating video content for social campaigns, marketing or in-house presentations then you might only have a small budget. Luckily the mobile phones we all carry around shoot amazing quality video. Go on… try it now! Open the camera app on your phone and shoot some video. Once you get used to shooting a bit of video we bet your inner creative will soon take hold. Key things to remember include:

  • Check your storage – video does take up a bit of storage room on your device. So make sure you’ve got enough storage on your phone.
  • Clean the Lens – it’s a small thing to do but can make a huge difference.
  • Hold steady – use a table or buy a low-cost stand for your phone. Steady shots are the most usable.
  • Keep practicing – the more video you shoot, the better you’ll get.

Break the video making process down into pieces

Making your first few videos can be a confusing process. Where do you start and how do you avoid the common issue of people having a different idea of what the end product will look like?

  • Define the brief – having a short written overview of what story the video tells, who the intended audience is, what responsibilities team members have plus a budget will get everyone on the same page.
  • Plan, plan, and plan – having everything mapped out will make a huge difference on video shoot day and during the edit.
  • Own the shoot – be prepared to make decisions, even a less than brilliant creative decision is better than no decision and everyone standing around looking confused.

Social media success can be yours

Once your video or audio content is created and it’s been signed off by management and clients it’s time to get it out to an audience.

  • Have a strategy – are you going to tease the video out over social before the big reveal or just put it online with some advertising behind it. Again, have a clear plan and don’t be afraid to tweak it if you think you need to.
  • Measure the results – are they what you expected? If not then look at your options. Facebook is not the only social channel. If you are working with video you could put it on YouTube, Twitter, embed it in your website. Keep trying different things until you find what’s right for you.

Bonus tip: Do a short course. You’ll learn a lot!

You won’t be surprised to find us recommending that you do a short course. However, learning from an expert who has years of experience is a great way to get in control of a new skill in an amazingly short time.

You’ll not only learn a lot in a very short time, but you’ll build a network of others who are learning the same skills.

Our short courses are priced to be affordable to help you get ahead in your career. If you’re trying to skill up in your current job, they are also affordable enough that you should be able to convince the boss that a little bit of training is a good investment.

Upcoming courses cover Mobile Content Creation, Social Media Success, Writing Video Scripts, Presentation Skills, Selling Your Story to Media, Understanding Video Production, and Storytelling for Business.