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Short Courses: What's On in March?

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Want to know exactly what an assistant director does? Or how a production designer adds meaning and depth to screen stories? Maybe you’re curious about who works in the production office and why it’s so important? 

Explore these questions and more in our upcoming introductory short courses! Designed for the absolute beginner, our online introductory courses will help you become familiar with key roles in the screen industry and their responsibilities and impact on film and television productions. From the fundamental skills and processes to the collaborative tasks in between, build a strong foundation of your craft and be inspired to dive deeper or take the first steps to launching your career. 

AFTRS introductory short courses are open to students 16 years and older and give you the opportunity to learn directly from award-winning professionals, such as Chris Squadrito (Intro to Screenwriting) and Kate Vinen (Intro to Documentary). Enjoy the comfort of learning from your own home through a variety of accessible online formats including interactive Zoom sessions, virtual Q&As and asynchronous learning, allowing you to work through the course materials at your own pace. 

Begin your journey in the screen industry with our introductory courses this month! 

  • Intro to Screenwriting: Explore the role of a screenwriter, from generating story ideas and developing characters to cinematic narrative and writing visually. Delivered over 3 weeks of live Zoom sessions starting 4 March.
  • Intro to Documentary: Dive into the history of documentary aesthetics, interviewing styles and how to start developing your own ideas. Delivered over 3 weeks of live Zoom sessions starting 20 March.
  • Introduction to Assistant Directing: Discover what it takes to be a first assistant director and understand the roles, responsibilities and skills of this pivotal screen production role. Learn over 4 weeks asynchronously with a virtual Q&A with an experienced assistant director. Starts 18 March.
  • Introduction to the Production Office: Peek behind the door and discover what it takes to work in, and run, the engine room that is the production office. Learn over 4 weeks asynchronously with a virtual Q&A with an experienced guest producer. Starts 18 March.
  • Introduction to Production Design for Film and Screen: Explore the past, present and future of production design for screen and where to begin to design a screen production. Learn over 4 weeks asynchronously with a virtual Q&A with an experienced production designer. Starts 18 March. 


Explore all our Short Courses in March:

Intro to Screenwriting | 4 March (online) 

Writing a TV Series | 4 March (online) 

Storytelling for Business | 6 March (online) 

Mobile Content Creation | 7 March (on campus) & 20 March (online)

Podcasting for your Brand | 12 March (online)

Introduction to the Production Office | 18 March (online) 

Introduction to Assistant Directing | 18 March (online) 

Introduction to Production Design for Film and Screen | 18 March (online) 

Presentation Skills | 19 March (online) 

Intro to Documentary | 20 March (online)


Looking for something else? Check out all our short courses and AFTRS For Business courses and register your interest on a specific course to get notified next time it runs.