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TV Shooter Producer Intensive

Daniel Bolt on the set of 'The Greenhouse' | Dir. Thomas Wilson White | Photo: Jack Baxter

Become a TV Shooter Producer

In this course, you’ll develop the technical camera knowledge, confidence and practical skills that are essential to operate as a successful TV Shooter Producer.

Delivered by a highly experienced industry practitioner, this course will include extensive hands-on experience with a range of different equipment, television production theory, practical excursions, and presentations from industry guests. The course will primarily utilise Sony FX6 cameras.

This course has been designed to give students the knowledge, confidence and solid foundation skills in what is an increasingly valued and sought-after role.

Develop camera and audio skills

Develop and practice the essential camera and audio skills a Shooter Producer needs in order to deliver useable, professional standard, broadcast quality footage.

Learn production knowledge

Learn the fundamental production knowledge required to be an effective Shooter Producer including how to balance and manage the broad technical, organisational and creative requirements.

Learn data wrangling skills

Learn the fundamentals of data wrangling and rushes labelling in the field, and understanding what the post-production dept needs.

Is the TV Shooter Producer Intensive right for you?

This short course involves relevant theory, hands-on learning, career specific advice, and practical exercises which include individual feedback for students. The curriculum is developed and delivered by industry experts, and mapped to an in-demand media industry role and skills requirements. It will give you skills and knowledge to succeed in this increasingly competitive landscape.

TV Shooter Producer Intensive is ideal for production staff who want to upskill to become competent at recording quality video and sound on set and location.

It has a more technical (rather than editorial) focus and includes a range of practical exercises so students can consolidate their skills shooting in uncontrolled/unscripted situations.

The course covers:

  • how to efficiently and correctly build and set up the camera, audio and tripod systems from a deconstructed kit, correctly link cameras and audio equipment (with a focus on proper placement and use of radio mics on the subject) in an unscripted/documentary/reality environment.
  • controlling and adjusting the camera and audio settings to correct parameters under a range of shooting conditions.
  • rushes labelling and protocols and basic data wrangling skills.
  • basic lighting skills
  • visual storytelling skills and how to ensure sufficient coverage in an unscripted environment

This is not an advanced Cinematography course and does not cover drama camera crew skills.


If you are interested in developing skills in Drama camera operation we suggest the Camera Assisting Intensive. If your focus is on becoming an all-rounder or more in the corporate space we suggest the Videomaking Intensive.

Meet Your Tutors

Rob Gunn

Rob is an experienced Shooter Producer specialising in crafting stories for factual and reality television, from development, field, through to…

Learn More

What you will need

No previous experience with a camera is necessary for this course, but some knowledge and experience of TV production will be an advantage as there will be some assumed knowledge.

Further Reading

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Rob Gunn: Unlocking the Versatile Role of the Shooter Producer

Learn about the intriguing and exciting role of a Shooter Producer from industry expert Rob Gunn.

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This course is for students aged 18+ only.

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