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Short Courses: What's on in May?

If you’re ready to take that next step in your screen or audio career, or transition from your current field into the creative industries, AFTRS Short Courses is the ideal place for you to up-skill, re-skill or cross-skill. Dive into our lineup of May short courses designed to empower screen and audio creatives with industry knowledge and tools, and with courses available online as well as single day to one-week intensives on campus, you can find the course that works for you and your schedule.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to refresh your knowledge, an aspiring creative wanting to learn more, or taking the first steps towards a new career, there’s something for everyone this month.


Radio & Podcasting

Dive into the world of radio with seasoned presenter Kristian McKenna and unlock the core elements of this dynamic industry in Radio Fundamentals. Over six weeks of comprehensive online learning starting 9 May, you’ll discover the art of content creation, interview techniques, and the intricacies of producing and building shows. By the end of this introductory course, you’ll not only have a thorough grasp of the radio landscape but also the tools to plan, structure, and present engaging on-air content. 

Interested in podcasting too? You can explore the production process – and start developing your pilot episode – with Podcasting for your Brand, delivered online over three weeks with media pioneer Toni Tenaglia.

Production Accounting Intensive 

There is a high demand for production accountants in the screen industry, which means there is a great opportunity for you to combine your accounting expertise with your passion for film and TV, and enjoy a career working in a creative environment. 

In Production Accounting Intensive, you’ll add specialised skills and knowledge to your accounting or bookkeeping experience that are essential for a successful career as a production accountant. From mastering accounting technologies and workflows to understanding the financial reporting obligations across each production stage, this course will prepare you to excel in this critical role and unlock your transition into the screen industry. 

Virtual Production

Critical to many major screen productions today, you can take your first steps in virtual production with AFTRS. Whether you’re a producer or practitioner, or just interested in contemporary animation and visual effects, build your understanding of the craft and practice of virtual production and awareness of the opportunities and pathways that exist with our Intro to VFX & 3D Animation and Intro to Volume Studio Basics courses – and see our LED Volume in action in the latter! You can discover all our virtual production short courses here.


Explore all our Short Courses in May:

Screen Business Essentials: Online | 2 May (online)

Videomaking Intensive | 6 May (in person)

Radio Fundamentals | 9 May (online)

Presentation Skills | 9 May (online)

Camera & Sound Fundamentals | 11 May (in person)

Intro to VFX & 3D Animation | 13 May (online)

Podcasting for your Brand | 14 May (online)

Intro to Volume Studio Basics | 15 May (in person)

Mobile Content Creation | 16 May (in person)

Production Accounting Intensive | 20 May (in person)

Intro to Documentary | 21 May (online)


Looking for something else? Explore all our short courses and AFTRS For Business courses. You can register your interest on each course page and we’ll notify you next time the course runs.