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Short Courses: What's On in June?

As we reach the halfway mark of 2024—and with the end of the financial year soon upon us—now is the ideal moment to invest in your professional development and enhance your skill set. In 2020-21, around 4.4 million Australians undertook work-related training with 46% reporting that they always or often use the skills or knowledge gained from their training as part of their current main job. 

Professional development can help you unlock opportunities and stay ahead in the industry, and our diverse range of training opportunities and further learning, led by industry experts, ensure you receive first-rate guidance as you upskill. From assistant directing to virtual production, our courses are designed to equip practitioners with practical skills that can be immediately applied in the industry, empowering you to thrive in in-demand roles. 

Seize the opportunity to invest in yourself before the end of the financial year and position yourself for future career success. 


Assistant Directing Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of being an assistant director in this two-day course led by First Assistant Director, Liam Branagan (Offspring, McLeod’s Daughters, Home and Away). This weekend course at AFTRSthe only assistant directors’ course in Australia approved by the Australian Director’s Guildcovers pre-production, scheduling and the responsibilities of an assistant director, as well as the challenges of coordinating a film set. 

Gain valuable knowledge and skills to help you in your trajectory to being a First AD, Director and Producer in film or TV with Assistant Directing Fundamentals. 


Producing for Virtual Production & VFX

If you are a live-action Production Manager or emerging Producer who hasn’t explored scheduling and managing virtual productions, this course is the perfect introduction. Developed with the support of the Universal Studio Group and Matchbox Pictures, Producing for Virtual Production & VFX is your chance to develop the skills and foundational knowledge needed for screen projects involving virtual assets. Gain a basic understanding of 3D as it relates to scheduling, casting and crewing, and explore non-linear scheduling processes commonly used in animation and VFX. Join this 100% online course at a special introductory price in June. 

Looking for hands-on training? Take your Volume Studio knowledge to the next level with our Volume Studio Fundamentals course, where you can gain practical, hands-on experience shooting with an LED Volume at AFTRS. 


AFTRS For Business

Improve the communication skills that complement your technical abilities and explore new mediums with AFTRS For Business. Whether you’re preparing to present a project or looking at how to use podcasting to diversify your content marketing, we have a range of courses designed to help you communicate with your audience in exciting and engaging ways. 

See our upcoming AFTRS For Business courses and Customised Training possibilities here. 


Explore all our Short Courses in June:

Screenwriting for Film | 3 Jun (online) 

Writing a TV Series | 3 Jun (online) 

Introduction to Assistant Directing | 3 Jun (online) 

Introduction to Production Design for Film and Screen | 3 Jun (online) 

Introduction to the Production Office | 3 Jun (online) 

Intro to Screenwriting | 3 Jun (online) 

Storytelling for Business | 5 Jun (online)  

Podcasting for your Brand | 6 Jun (in person)  

Producing for Virtual Production & VFX | 10 Jun (online) 

Intro to Directing | 11 Jun (online) 

Brief to Script to Great Video | 13 Jun (online)  

Intro to Producing & Screen Business | 17 Jun (online) 

Camera & Sound Fundamentals | 18 Jun (in person) 

Screen Business Essentials: Navigating Growth | 20 Jun (online) 

Premiere Pro Fundamentals | 20 Jun (in person) 

Presentation Skills | 20 Jun (in person) 

Avid 101 Intensive | 22 Jun (in person) 

Writers Room Intensive | 24 Jun (in person) 

Videomaking Intensive | 24 Jun (in person) 

Volume Studio Fundamentals | 28 & 29 Jun (in person) 

Assistant Directing Fundamentals | 29 Jun (in person)


Looking for something else? Explore all our short courses and AFTRS For Business courses. You can register your interest on each course page and we’ll notify you next time it runs.